If you can see the hologram up close then it's a great indicator.
Holograms are expensive to produce, so the fakes are not as colourful or bright. The genuine tags always have the hologram on the rear of the tag never the front.
The picture below shows a fake tag (left) and a genuine tag (right).

This circular helmet hologram was in use from 2002 to 2006. The left one is a fake, notice the dull colours. The right one is genuine, you can see the colours are bright.

In 2006 Reebok changed the design to footballs from helmets (left) and then in 2007 they changed the colours of the footballs (right).

In 2008 the NFL changed their logo and Reebok changed from a round hologram to a square one. This is the style the Stafford jersey in our example should have.

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