Nike Elite Jersey

Based on the Elite 51 uniform adopted by most NFL teams, the Nike NFL Elite Jersey is Nike's premium game day jersey. This jersey features these elements:

Zoned stretch fabric for a close fit

Highly flexible premium twill numbers

Flywire strength resists stretch around the neck

Strategic ventilation over major heat zones

Water repelling fabric to stay lightweight all day

No-tag neck label for clean comfort.


We love the NFL logo on the collar, much better than Reeboks equipment badge.
It is made from a rubberised material, which will be difficult for the counterfeiters to copy
in fact the fakes I've seen have embroidered NFL logos

Nike say the Flywire resists stretch around the neck.
It does strengthen the neck area and it really stands out from Reeboks authentics.

Nike say's there is no neck tag for comfort, but there is a neck tag stitched into the jersey.
I guess they mean no normal tag only sewn at the top which you can flip up.

Nike have produced another anti-counterfeiting element in the shape of a laser etched jocktag
Incorporating the NFL, NFLPA and Nike logos, these are precision cut out of a rubberised material laid over grey material.
The effect is excellent and will be easy to spot fakes because the effort to produce a convincing counterfeit should be beyond the counterfeiter.


The Elite differs from the
Reebok authentic in
the way Nike has
zoned the mesh materials
to high heat areas
on the stomach, lower back
armpits and back
of neck.
Stretch material
allows for a precise
fit and movement.

The stitching is very good
and looks like it
will last a long time.

Nike has used a patch logo
on the sleeves and both face forward,
I've seen some fakes where
they have not faced both swooshes forward,
another thing to look for.

The numbers are very similar to the twill we are used to on the Reebok authentic range.

1. Front of tag with NFL and Nike logos

2. Hologram on green field background

3. Rear of hologram with yard markers

4. NFLPA info in English and French

5. Nike 'Just Do It'

6. Rear of tag with bar code

The swing tag is attached to the left sleeve.

Overall impressions.

The Nike Elite jersey is a step up from the Reebok authentic jersey in anti-counterfeiting elements. The fakes I've seen have embroidered copies of the collar badge and jocktag which are easy to spot.

Look at this fake Manning jersey being sold for $22 from China. The swing tags are attached to the neck not the sleeve and it's red not black.
The numbers are what we are used to, shiny and bubbly and they haven't got the font right.
The Jocktag is too high up the body of the jersey and is a lighter grey as it's embroidered.
The collar badge is embroidered and smaller that the genuine one.
The counterfeiter has the Nike Swooshes the right way round on both sleeves but there are fakes out there with one swoosh the wrong way round.

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