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PostSubject: EBAY COUNTERFEIT ONLINE CHAT    Sun Jul 04 2010, 14:52

Hi everyone...

I'm hoping we can all band together and try and get a bit of movement from ebay regarding their fake jerseys policies. There is now an online chat session that you can go on and chat directly with someone from the counterfeits dept. I have just done this and asked why they allow it and what they are going to do about it etc etc...

Can I urge everyone to do the same as the more pressure we can put them under to do some pro-active work about this the better and maybe we can make a difference.

The seller i complained about is a current fake seller called buyandsell10, Washington Redskins McNabb Replica for 20???? lol!

He has several other corkers too so take your pick. Just use the link below to get to the contact page. Type in "counterfeits" into the search engine, from the results select "What are the rules on counterfeit items" and then on the right you'll see the option to open an online chat session.

I'll put up the transcript of the conversation I had with them when they send it over to me (as I have requested it be sent)

Transcript now in....

7/4/2010 5:39:49 PM mld_7 How long has this chat thing been live as I
suggested ebay do this a while back and have never seen it before now.
7/4/2010 5:41:23 PM mld_7 I assume its only for counterfeit issues right
now... shame its not available for all issues.
7/4/2010 5:41:30 PM Valerie Murphy Recently, only it has been launched
and we're glad to help our member's resolve their query on Live Chat as
it is quicker.
7/4/2010 5:41:55 PM mld_7 Did you get the initial query information I
added to the form?
7/4/2010 5:42:27 PM Valerie Murphy It seems that you can are concerned
about the sellers on the site who are selling fake jerseys on eBay.
7/4/2010 5:42:33 PM mld_7 Its much better, a much needed move forward in
issue resolution and customer service.
7/4/2010 5:42:46 PM Valerie Murphy you are *
7/4/2010 5:42:51 PM mld_7 I am very concerned as they are costing me a
lot of money in business.
7/4/2010 5:43:29 PM mld_7 I've been a Power seller on here now for a few
years and the NFL business is now my livlihood.
7/4/2010 5:44:11 PM mld_7 However, I have seen very little if anything
done about the sale of counterfeit NFL Jerseys and its really annoying
7/4/2010 5:44:52 PM mld_7 The item code I provided is just one item that
this seller has, and I know they are fake jerseys for several reasons.
7/4/2010 5:45:33 PM mld_7 1) The team / player combo has not even been
released in the UK yet as Reebok UK's delivery isnt til August.
7/4/2010 5:46:01 PM mld_7 2) The price is way too low as it costs more
to actually buy them from Reebok at Trade price
7/4/2010 5:46:12 PM Valerie Murphy I understand your concern, if you see
listings which are in breach of eBay policies, you can always provide us
with the item number of the item, we will investigate your report and
take appropriate action on it.
7/4/2010 5:46:36 PM mld_7 3) Some of the Player names / Jerseys colours
arent even available in the UK
7/4/2010 5:47:12 PM mld_7 I have reported loads of these fake jerseys to
ebay in the past and put them on my watched item listings.... nothing
was ever done about any of them.
7/4/2010 5:48:15 PM mld_7 The numbers of times I have been told by
customers that they "dont buy from ebay as there are so many fakes on
there" is ridiculous
7/4/2010 5:48:33 PM Valerie Murphy We do review any reports of our
members, and if found to be in breach we do take appropriate action on
7/4/2010 5:48:45 PM mld_7 I really want to help to get rid of them and I
have dome all I can to advise ebay of the issue
7/4/2010 5:49:49 PM mld_7 The question no-one has been able to answer
yet, maybe you can help, is... How can ebay prove that an item is fake
if the buyer claims its a fake and the sellers says it isnt? What can
they do?
7/4/2010 5:50:48 PM mld_7 How can they prove it one way or another if
they no-one with the knowledge to identify the obvious flaws that a fake
7/4/2010 5:51:35 PM mld_7 I know as I deal with Jerseys every year...
just by looking at most of them you can see it is a fake, if you know
the tell take signs.
7/4/2010 5:51:53 PM Valerie Murphy In this case, I would recommend you
to contact the relevant Rights Owner and report them about the fake
7/4/2010 5:52:34 PM mld_7 It has been done and they have done nothing
either.... surely it is down to ebay to sort this and not people like
7/4/2010 5:53:40 PM mld_7 There has even been a website been set up
to help people in the UK with ebay listings of fake NFL
jerseys as a lot of the public have no idea what a fake looks like
7/4/2010 5:53:59 PM mld_7 But this is ebay's responsibility surely to
stop fakes being listed?
7/4/2010 5:54:37 PM Valerie Murphy I appreciate the time you have taken
to report these items, but we only take action on listings if found to
be in breach of our policy.
7/4/2010 5:55:44 PM mld_7 so people have to buy one first, then report
it to be a fake..... what if they dont know what a fake actually looks
like compared to the real thing and they think they are getting the real
7/4/2010 5:58:38 PM Valerie Murphy You can report us the listings via
the report this item link.
7/4/2010 5:59:17 PM Valerie Murphy We will surely review your report and
take appropriate action on the reported items.
7/4/2010 5:59:20 PM mld_7 I have done this before, as have many others I
know and none of the listings have ever been removed.
7/4/2010 6:00:13 PM Valerie Murphy Be assured, if the listings are found
to be in breach we will remove them.
7/4/2010 6:00:23 PM mld_7 The seller of these jerseys... and he is one
of many I have identified... buys them for about 3 each from china,
sells them for 20-30 each time
7/4/2010 6:01:29 PM mld_7 The buyer thinks they are getting the real
deal and has no idea that they are fakes and leaves positive feedback,
the seller then has a 700 - 1000% profit for each.
7/4/2010 6:01:51 PM mld_7 ... buys another 100 and so on.
7/4/2010 6:02:03 PM mld_7 Final question.....
7/4/2010 6:02:28 PM Valerie Murphy I will escalate your concern to our
experts meanwhile you can report us the listings via the report this
item link.
7/4/2010 6:02:34 PM Valerie Murphy Sure go ahead.
7/4/2010 6:03:43 PM mld_7 If I report one of these jerseys..... or all
of them for that matter as they are all fakes.... presumably you contact
the seller? Not sure whether you do or not... and he says they are all
legit. What happens then? How can you prove they are lying?
7/4/2010 6:04:07 PM mld_7 Or do you just have to take their word for it
and nothing happens?
7/4/2010 6:06:10 PM Valerie Murphy We review the report carefully and
after investigation we take action on them. We just don't take word of
the seller.
7/4/2010 6:06:20 PM mld_7 If you could escalate this as I would like as
many of these fakes sellers removed before the season starts as they
cost me a fortune. If you could also advise them of this website that
people have had to set up for themselves because of the size of the i
7/4/2010 6:06:20 PM mld_7 ssue.
7/4/2010 6:07:09 PM mld_7 Hoow can you investigate the matter properly
if no-one at ebay has the knowledge to tell a realone from a fake? Or do
7/4/2010 6:07:55 PM Valerie Murphy We have experts working on this.
Also, I will escalate your concern to them and they will take care of
this issue.
7/4/2010 6:09:13 PM mld_7 Okay... I will report all these items as being
fakes now and put them on my watch board to see what happens. If you
need to contact me about the issue please do not hesitate to do so as I
want these fake sellers removed and not let back on again as soon
7/4/2010 6:09:13 PM mld_7 as possible.
7/4/2010 6:09:57 PM mld_7 Otherwise they will cost me 50-100 sales
easily over the next couple of months... probably a lot more.
7/4/2010 6:10:05 PM Valerie Murphy Surely, if we need your help we will
contact you.
7/4/2010 6:10:32 PM mld_7 How long will it take for a fake item to be
7/4/2010 6:10:57 PM Valerie Murphy We take action as soon as possible.
7/4/2010 6:11:13 PM Valerie Murphy Apart from this, Is there anything
else I can help you with today?
7/4/2010 6:11:57 PM mld_7 Okay, thanks. I'll get back to you in few
weeks if I hear nothing and nothing seems to be happening. Thanks for
your time, I know its not your fault and its nice to be able to have a
frank discussion with someone on here.
7/4/2010 6:12:33 PM Valerie Murphy Thanks your understanding and
co-operation. Thanks for contacting eBay Live Chat, have a nice day.

As, informed you in the chat, we will surely escalate your concern to
the experts.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Kind regards,

Valerie Murphy
eBay VeRO Team

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PostSubject: Re: EBAY COUNTERFEIT ONLINE CHAT    Sun Jul 04 2010, 16:27

Interesting post there Matt, well done. Her answers are a little woolly,
reminds me of the conversations I used to have with them. The more of us that put pressure on ebay the better.


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PostSubject: Re: EBAY COUNTERFEIT ONLINE CHAT    Sun Jul 04 2010, 16:58

I had a go myself, here's the transcript:

Initial Question/Comment: UK CW INF-VeRO-BTAC
16:33:19 System
Charlie Johnson has joined this session!
16:33:19 System
Connected with Charlie Johnson
16:33:24 Charlie Johnson
Welcome to Live Chat. My name is Charlie. Can you give me a moment while I check your account details?
16:33:41 nflbillsfan
No problem

16:34:19 Charlie Johnson
I've done with the verification.
16:34:54 Charlie Johnson
From the pre-chat window, it seems that you wish to report fake items on eBay. am I correct ?
16:35:46 nflbillsfan
I have done so on many occasions in the past and I'm sorry to say that very little action seems to take place by ebay with regards to the removal of fake jerseys.

16:37:24 nflbillsfan
Why does ebay not take more notice of members and not remove fake NFL jerseys from sale?

16:37:34 Charlie Johnson
Let me assure you that the reports are taken very seriously.
16:37:42 Charlie Johnson
We are always committed to keep eBay a safe and clean place to trade for its members.
16:38:37 nflbillsfan
I'm sure that they are, but not in my experience or that of others that I know. What is the procedure taken by ebay after a counterfeit item is reported please?

16:40:04 Charlie Johnson
When a report of fake item is received, our policy expert look into the listing thoroughly and take appropriate action if found in breach of eBay's policy.
16:40:24 Charlie Johnson
Please remember that not all actions that we may take will be visible to you. Breaches of eBay's listing policies can lead to consequences that range from issuing the seller an informational alert, ending the listing(s), moving the listing(s) to a more appropriate category, a temporary suspension, an indefinite suspension or terminating the membership.
16:41:38 Charlie Johnson
We rely on reports from our members to bring questionable listings to our attention.
16:41:49 Charlie Johnson
We are therefore not aware of every breach of eBay policies, unless these have been specifically reported to us. It is possible that the other listing was not reported and hence it still remains on the site. If a reported listing breaches our policies we'll remove it from the site. Please rest assured that the same rules are applied to all members.
16:43:00 nflbillsfan
I run a NFL jersey collecting website. I have been in discussions with Reebok themselves in the past and while I'm sure that ebay does look into each item reported, not enough are being removed from sale.

16:43:49 Charlie Johnson
If you see listings that breach eBay policies, you can help us by using the 'Report this item' link at the bottom of the item page, or by clicking 'Contact Us' on any Help page. We'll then review the listing and take action if we need to.
16:44:22 Charlie Johnson
I appreciate your effort in making eBay a safe place. You are always welcome to report questionable items to eBay. I assure you that we will take the appropriate action on them.
16:45:10 nflbillsfan
There are sellers who I have reported countless times to ebay, starting some 3 years ago who are still selling counterfeit jerseys, so forgive me if I stay a little sceptical.

16:46:52 Charlie Johnson
We look in to many other factor while removing the items. As we have to answer the sellers after removing the items.
16:48:00 nflbillsfan
The item number I placed into the form at the beginning is a classic example. Listed as genuine Reebok, it clearly isn't to me as I know what I am looking for, but other members will buy it not knowing. I appreciate that ebay is a business and needs to make a profit, but I remember that the French courts took a dim view of ebays policies when sued by L'oreal in 2007.

16:50:28 Charlie Johnson
I've forwarded the item number you have placed in the form to our policy expert.
16:50:56 Charlie Johnson
Our policy expert will investigate the listing and will take appropriate action on it.
16:51:59 nflbillsfan
Don't get me wrong I love ebay and and am avid buyer. I can't sell anymore because the genuine jerseys I sell are constantly being undercut by the fake sellers. I have to sell a jersey at 80-100 to make a small profit, but the fake sellers sell at 30 and I can't compete with that. ebay would get more from my 100 sale that the 30 so why doesn't ebay see the sense in being more robust and why not use experts in the field in helping to remove the masses of counterfeit items listed now?

Charlie Johnson
I'll forward this issue to our policy expert and will see that appropriate decision is taken in this matter.
16:55:36 Charlie Johnson
Could you please provide me some more User ID's selling fake jersey so that I can forward this issue with more evident proofs ?
16:57:17 nflbillsfan
Thank you for your time. Please pass on this list of fake and genuine sellers I have complied to your policy expert. Each one listed as questionable is a counterfeit seller

16:57:55 nflbillsfan
I appreciate your time in this matter.

16:58:29 Charlie Johnson
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I assure you that appropriate action will be taken on them.
16:58:49 Charlie Johnson
Once we end this session, you'll have the option to fill out a survey. I'd appreciate it if you could take a few moments to let us know what you think about your experience today.
16:59:34 nflbillsfan
I will thanks and goodbye.


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PostSubject: Re: EBAY COUNTERFEIT ONLINE CHAT    Sun Jul 04 2010, 22:03

Excellent work Simon... I'm going to report all of the jerseys on the buyandsell10 site tomorrow and them start on the rest. If everyone can start hounding them, in the same way they have to do something surely.

We can only try! Hope to see some more online conversations soon. I'll post anything more that I find.

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PostSubject: Another Go....   Mon Jul 05 2010, 09:07

Had another moan this morning after checking out the listings for buyandsell10. Get this, he is not putting on the listings that they are "Copy Replicas" lol!

I mean give me a break! So off I went again to the ebay counterfeit line

Yann Maguire
Welcome to eBay Live Chat for Community Watch, my name is Yann. Please give me a moment while I check your account details.
08:49:22 Yann Maguire
I reviewed your account and could see that one of my colleague has assist you regarding Fake jersey.
08:49:27 Yann Maguire
How can I help you today?
08:49:34 mld_7
Hi Yes...
08:49:43 mld_7
This is further information regarding the same issue.
08:50:00 mld_7
The seller in this case is buyandsell10
08:50:26 mld_7
I have reported each of his listing as being fake via the correct procedure on ebay
08:51:17 Yann Maguire
I appreciate that Matt, our specialised team would have taken appropriate action on the listings.
08:51:27 mld_7
The seller has also advised via ebay message that the items are "fully stitched" which Replica Jerseys are not! Only fakes are stitched and "Replicas" are screen printed.
08:52:16 mld_7
Secondly... if you can look at the listing for the item number i specified in the form.... (let me know when you are there)
08:54:42 Yann Maguire
Matt, I had a word with my colleague Valerie Murphy who had assist you previously and could confirm that your issue has already been escalated.
08:55:13 mld_7
This is new info that I never gave yesterday... so can be added as extra evidence
08:55:14 Yann Maguire
You should be hearing back from relevant team soon.
08:55:30 mld_7
Can you look at the item number I specified in the form
08:55:37 Yann Maguire
Sure Matt, I'll follow this up.
08:55:57 Yann Maguire
Sure, please allow me a moment to review this listing.
08:56:50 mld_7
If you look at the info in the item listing stated, he is even now stating in a mad attapt to get away with this that the items are "Copy Replicas", so he is now even admitting to the fact that they are fakes on some of the listings.
08:57:27 mld_7
08:57:41 mld_7
08:59:07 mld_7
The seller keeps reinventing himself on ebay as different aliases! Either this or there is a Huge glut of Fakes in Newcastle upon Tyne and they all use exactly the same style when they are creating the listings! Same layout, pics, descriptions etc etc.
09:00:02 Yann Maguire
I appreciate your effort in keeping our site clean by providing the above detail.
09:00:06 mld_7
Firsty it was "NFL-Dominator", they after people got to know he was a fakes seller, he reinvented himself as bmwteck... and now yet again... he is changed to buyandsell10
09:00:13 Yann Maguire
But this is similar case which you reported yesterday and this issue requires the attention of the relevant team who is specialised to help our members in such cases.
09:00:50 Yann Maguire
I assure you appropriate action should be taken on the reported listing.
09:01:38 mld_7
Well if you can add the extra info I provided especially the part where he / she keep reinventing him/her self with different account names, as that is something that has to be stopped otherwise he/she will just keep doing the same thing as soon as someone like me finds them out!
09:02:32 Yann Maguire
Matt, I'll surely provide the above information to relevant department.
09:03:28 mld_7
Thank you. I will today be spending several hours reporting all these fakes as I want them gone for the start of the NFL season and it looks like this is the only way to get it done.
09:04:48 Yann Maguire
Thank you once again, I appreciate your help and eBay is proud to have members like you.
09:04:57 Yann Maguire
Is there anything else I could assist you with?
09:05:31 mld_7
No thanks... but as a famous man from California once said. If nothing does happen "I'll be back" ;0)
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PostSubject: Re: EBAY COUNTERFEIT ONLINE CHAT    Mon Jul 05 2010, 21:18

Matt you are great!

You and everyone else that helps rid this world of fake Jerseys are OK by me! I will try to help as well as I can reporting etc.

It's a real shame I am low on disposable funds or I would purchase up as many Jerseys as I could from you and give you raving feedback as often as I could.

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Okay everyone.

Just off talking to ebay again and they want everyone to report the same problems so if everyone is up for this we will start with seller buyandsell10.

I have reported each of his listings individually from his ebay page and logged the call with ebay last week, if everyone can do at least half of this then that'd be great.

Here's details of the latest conversation.

Connected with Sindy Saunders
12:31:45 Sindy Saunders
Welcome to eBay Live Help, my name is Sindy. How can I help you?
12:33:47 mld_7
Hi, I logged an issue via this online system concerning fake/copy NFL jerseys as short while ago with Valerie Murphy (one of your associates). She advised that the issue would be escalated and I am wondering if there is any update as the seller still has all of the fake items still listed.
12:34:23 Sindy Saunders
Please give me a couple of minutes while I check your account details.
12:38:13 Sindy Saunders
Please bear with me while I check some information.
12:38:48 mld_7
no probs
12:41:23 Sindy Saunders
Thank you for waiting. Our policy experts have investigated the report and taken the appropriate action in accordance with our policies.
12:41:33 Sindy Saunders
It's important to bear in mind that not all of the actions that we can take are visible to you or may not be visible immediately. Our disciplinary action ranges from formal warnings or temporary account restrictions to indefinite suspension of a member's account.
12:42:25 Sindy Saunders
Matt, I truly appreciate your intention of bringing this matter to our attention and I value exemplary customers like you who help us to keep eBay a safe and reputable place to buy and sell.
12:43:35 mld_7
If the items are listed and still being sold to unsuspecting ebayers then surely that is all that matters. People pay 20-30 for what they think is a bargain but are actually getting a 3 fake from China. Problem is that most people just dont know the difference... so dont report the listings or items. This is the problem.
12:44:48 mld_7
Let me just ask this then...has anything at all been done about this?
12:44:53 Sindy Saunders
I understand your concern. I request you to continue reporting suspicious listings.
12:45:31 Sindy Saunders
As communicated, we have taken appropriate action on them and the accounts of the reported member.
12:46:17 mld_7
If it needs many people to report the same problem to get it dealt with, I can arrange that. I will just speak to all the Reebok account holders and known sellers of legitimate NFL stockon ebay and get them all to report it.
12:47:43 Sindy Saunders
I suggest you to do that. It will help us in keeping eBay a safe place to trade.
12:48:09 mld_7
I'll monitor the sales for the seller in the next week and if they keep cropping up with green successful sales, then I'll come back next week.
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PostSubject: Re: EBAY COUNTERFEIT ONLINE CHAT    Wed Jul 14 2010, 12:09

Richy Banner
Welcome to Live Chat. My name is Richy. Please give me a moment while I check your account details.
11:32:56 Richy Banner
I have checked your account details. Please go ahead with your query.
11:33:03 mld_7
Hi Richy
11:33:30 Richy Banner
Hello Matt
11:33:36 mld_7
If you've checked my account you may know why I'm contacting you guys again, if not then I can re-iterate the issue to you.
11:35:31 Richy Banner
Please reiterate it.
11:36:32 mld_7
ok.. I am a shop owner on ebay. It is the way I earn my living, pay my mortgage etc etc. I sell American Sportswear, mainly NFL.
11:37:32 mld_7
I rely on ebay buyers to have trust, confidence and belief that items purchased on ebay will be real, as bought in the high street stores, no different.
11:38:31 mld_7
This is the reason why I report all known sellers of fake NFL jerseys as they make sales for fake jerseys that cost 3 from China.
11:39:10 mld_7
They affect me in 3 ways... 1) They are spending their money on fake goods, thus wasting their hard earned money
11:39:50 mld_7
2) Every sale they make is a customer lost as they are hardly then to buy another one even if the item they bought is a fake as most of them have no idea what a fake jersey looks like
11:40:42 mld_7
3) Every fake jersey bought makes the ebay market perception worse and the stigma attched to it worsens, thus affecting my sales even more
11:41:03 mld_7
Thus, I make less sales, less profit, less earnings etc etc
11:41:30 mld_7
I have reported every fake based on my intel that I can find on ebay for NFL jerseys
11:43:25 mld_7
There are 2 main culprits at the moment, 1) buyandsell10 2) simpson-and-kelman
11:44:08 mld_7
I started by reporting the first of these a few weeks ago, firstly on here, and secondly by using the report item feature on the listings
11:44:33 Richy Banner
Thank for reporting this issue. We really appreciate your effort.
11:45:17 mld_7
I was advised that action would be taken.... he has now sold a minimum of 30 jerseys as that is his feedback but in my experience you can usually add about 50% onto this for the people who cant be bothered to leave feedback so we'll say 45-50 jerseys
11:46:01 mld_7
Last night, he re-listed a load of jerseys, so obviously nothing has been done
11:46:12 Richy Banner
I understand you point, Matt. I need to escalate this report to our policy team.
11:47:00 mld_7
Every one of these 50 jerseys would have cost him about 3 to buy. He sells them at 20 (you cant even buy them at trade price from Reebok for 20???)
11:47:43 mld_7
I was advised by a lady called Valerie that the issue had been sent to the escalations team ages ago...? Whats happened? Nothing.
11:49:21 mld_7
This is just one seller. He has so far re-invented him/herself 3 times. Firstly they were NFL-Dominator... then after some bad feedback, they disappeared, then came bmwteck, same happened again, not they are buyandsell10... how long is this going to go on before something is done?
11:50:04 mld_7
All in ebay has allowed this seller to sell upward of 200 fake jerseys now? Cost 3 Profit 15 you do the maths?
11:50:46 mld_7
Is it any wonder that ebay has a stigma attached to it for selling fake goods?
11:52:19 mld_7
This issue and others like it need sorting and soon. For the sake of buyers, sellers and the stigma that now goes with ebay. As a seller you have no idea how annoying this is.. what more can I do..?
11:53:20 mld_7
There was a guy on the NFL UK forum yesterday asking when they were opening an NFL UK shop as they "don't want to risk buying a jersey off ebay"
11:54:10 Richy Banner
Let me assure you that the reports from the members are taken very seriously. We try our best to keep eBay a safe place. Your reports too are being reviewed very closely by the policy experts. Be assured, the appropriate taken will be taken from our end.
11:54:27 mld_7
Thats what I'm against? I paid ebay about 5k last year... dont we get any help?
11:56:25 mld_7
I was told that back on the 4th? How long does it take to get some action?
11:56:46 Richy Banner
Please note, before the listing is being removed, the policy experts consider lot of factors into consideration and based on that if there is enough evidence, the listing is actioned.
11:58:56 Richy Banner
Also, may be if there is any Right Owner associated for such products, you may want to inform them directly and report such listings.
11:59:38 mld_7
Let me ask this... If a seller has a jersey for 20, The guy just signed for the team in the summer or is their star player. The jersey in its cheapest "replica" type is on sale in the USA for $80, has not even been released by Reebok UK yet and is 30 for account holders when they do. How do you suppose someone with barely any feedback and whos had 3 ebay guises in the past 5 months can sell the said jersey for 20 with free postage??
12:00:34 mld_7
Reebok have been advised but have done nothing... so it is upto the like of me to fight for my business!
12:01:02 Richy Banner
What I will do is, I will also send an email with all these details to the team. Also, if you some more precise details or information, you can provide to us so it can help us for further investigation.
12:02:40 mld_7
Do me a favour and ask your experts to contact the owner of the forum below. We list on there all fake ebayers of NFL jerseys, he is an expert. Address is
12:04:16 Richy Banner
Thanks for the information. Will surely pass it on to the team.
12:04:41 Richy Banner
Rest assured, all the reports are considered seriosuly.
12:04:51 Richy Banner
12:04:58 mld_7
pls do
12:05:09 mld_7
I want this sorted out
12:05:26 Richy Banner
Sure, will do that.
12:08:01 Richy Banner
Is there anything else I can help you with now?
12:08:18 mld_7
no thanks
12:08:31 Richy Banner
Thank you for using eBay Live Help. Have a nice day.
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PostSubject: Re: EBAY COUNTERFEIT ONLINE CHAT    Wed Jul 14 2010, 22:18

Matt, how come the same old thong is being said by every person you've chatted with, cause it's a script! You'd think that ebay would look after seller like you and not ignore them. A sorry state of affairs.


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PostSubject: Re: EBAY COUNTERFEIT ONLINE CHAT    Thu Jul 15 2010, 08:10

Billsfan wrote:
Matt, how come the same old thong is being said by every person you've chatted with, cause it's a script! You'd think that ebay would look after seller like you and not ignore them. A sorry state of affairs.

Tell me about it.... they dont know what they are letting themselves in for as i dont give up and will just go on at them more and more.

I'm like the Andy Duffrain from The Shawshank redemption, I'll go on at them once a week, then twice a week etc until I get what is meant to be done, done.
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