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 Cowboys and Phins

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PostSubject: Cowboys and Phins   Sat Jun 14 2008, 17:29

Hi guys, was wondering if any one can help me, i'm looking for the following jesreys and wondered if anyone knows where to find them

Marino Dolphins (home)


Witten (home or away EQT)
Ware (home or away EQT or Authentic)
Owens (away EQT)
Barber (home EQT)

Thanks Adam
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PostSubject: Re: Cowboys and Phins   Tue Jun 17 2008, 12:35

What type of Marino jersey did you want? I recently got an EQT throwback Marino from Richard at The endzone king Retails at $125 in the states and Richard got me one for 58 including the postage. They're not listed on the site but a quick email and they should be able to sort one out for you


heres the details
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Cowboys and Phins
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