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 I think the jersey I purchased from the store is fake!

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PostSubject: I think the jersey I purchased from the store is fake!   Thu Nov 04 2010, 05:43

I have a problem. I have three jerseys. My first jersey is defiantly a fake. It is a “Joe Green Home Jersey”. I am ok with that. I purchased it off eBay for $30.00. I will be posting pictures, explanation as to why is below.

At the time, I did not know it was fake. I never saw a reason to spend almost $300.00 on a jersey. After being at a team shop I compared mine to the jerseys on the shelf -- I discovered mine is fake. I really don’t care. I don't like the screen printed sleeves, numbers, logos and name plates of the less expensive jerseys so it worked out well for me since this was "all sewn".

Here lies the problem. I found this website through my apprehensiveness of purchasing another fake jersey on eBay.

My second is a “75th Anniversary Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu Throwback/Third Jersey”. Well it recently got “melted”, I recently was cooking and I was in a hurry. I leaned over my electric stove burner. The mesh touched a burner that was not cooled. I melted a HUGE hole right on the front. So I want to replace it. Prior to now; I would say it is Authentic. I purchased it from a reputable sports apparel store in my local mall. The manufacturers tag shoed “Authentic”. It was on the clearance rack for $95.00 and it looked Authentic. Since I purchased it from a store…I did not second guess it.

My third jersey, was purchased directly from the Pittsburgh Steelers Website. It is a “2008 Pro Bowl James Harrison Jersey”.

Regarding my questions about the Polamalu jersey…the numbers are not the same as that on the Harrison jersey .The Polamalu jersey’s number are very flimsy and “flow” with the rest of the jersey. While the Harrison jersey’s number’s are very “stiff”. Other than that I never thought about anything else.

Here is what I found thought, On the Polamalu jersey. The jock tag has some identifiers that lead me to believe it is a fake. The “NFLPLAYERS” is all one word. There is no space. This is the same on my Greene jersey—as I have read on the forums the “non space” is a sign of a fake. My Harrison jersey has a space for “NFL PLAYER”, as I would expect. Also now that I look the Polamalu jersey; the “75th Anniversary Patch”—the Steelers logo is well “Jacked Up”.

I am going to post picture to show you. I am heartbroken that I melted my jersey but I need to know if the store sold me a fake.

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PostSubject: Re: I think the jersey I purchased from the store is fake!   Thu Nov 04 2010, 09:39

Welcome Jay,

Without pictures I can't tell for sure, but from what you said it sounds like the Troy is a fake. Now it is harder to tell with teams that only have one layer numbers, so the tags are the best way to go with these.

Just because you bought from a store doesn't mean that it's an automatic genuine jersey. When I was in New York I went into a few stores that were wall to wall fakes. Chinese counterfeiters will wholesale to anyone. A store can make a huge profit by selling fakes.

If you can post pics of the jersey and close ups of all the tags and badges we can be sure then.


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I think the jersey I purchased from the store is fake!
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