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 "On Field" vs "Authentic" & more....

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PostSubject: "On Field" vs "Authentic" & more....   Thu Nov 04 2010, 20:02

"On Field" vs "Authentic" & more....

What is the difference when the manufacturer's retail sale tag says "On Field" or "Authentic". I always thought the "Authentic" was the $285.00 jersey and the "On Field" was the less expensive jersey that was like $175.00 that most people called replicas. I see on ebay that people claimd the jersey is Authentic but the retail tag says "On field". When I purchased my Authentic from the Steelers website, the tag said "Authentic". What is the differance?

Also I see for sale at the team shops: Authentic, Premier & Replica. What is the difference between Premier and Replica?
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PostSubject: Re: "On Field" vs "Authentic" & more....   Thu Nov 04 2010, 22:10

Replica jerseys are all screen printed and are the cheapest, the premier has a single layer twill number which has any other layers printed on. This is the middle ground jersey.

There is no difference between 'on field' and 'authentic'. It's a marketing thing by reebok. They changed the tags from authentic to on field.


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PostSubject: Re: "On Field" vs "Authentic" & more....   Mon Nov 29 2010, 08:47

I was looking at a Greg Jennings Authentic jersey on today, and comparing it to the Clay Matthews premier jersey I am waiting on. The Authentic jersey's tag is blue, grey, and white and says "AUTHENTIC", whereas the premier is all blue and says "ON FIELD". Is this true for all new jerseys?
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PostSubject: Re: "On Field" vs "Authentic" & more....   

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"On Field" vs "Authentic" & more....
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