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 Mariani Fake???

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PostSubject: Mariani Fake???   Tue Nov 09 2010, 00:15

Sorry for the lack of pics, but I wont buy it for that purpose... But you probably don't need closeups because it's a replica... What tells me it's a blatant fake is the nameplate... Here's the one in question, and the official one...

Besides that, can anyone spot any other problems??? I'll post pics of my "Authentic" jersey I got on ebay if I get time... Thanks, and good to be on board...
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PostSubject: Re: Mariani Fake???   Tue Nov 09 2010, 00:58

Welcome Mitch,

An interesting one. To be honest with you, I'd say that it's a genuine jersey which has been poorly printed, that's probably another reason the NFL has given the licence to Nike from 2012. I was at the 49ers game at Wembley last week and saw a Jets Sanchez jersey with the nameplate upside down!

We've not seen fake replica's only authentic so far. The jock tag is not close enough to see clearly, so I can't use that.


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PostSubject: Re: Mariani Fake???   Tue Nov 09 2010, 01:23

Ok, Thanks...

Nameplate upside down... Hahaha WOW... I thought Nike was taking over next year (if there is a next year)...
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PostSubject: Re: Mariani Fake???   

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Mariani Fake???
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