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 Need help with jersey sizing

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PostSubject: Need help with jersey sizing   Fri Dec 03 2010, 20:05

Before you give me a link to a jersey sizing chart, they're actually the source of the problem.

The problem I have is that the sizes seem absurd. On the US sizing charts, the small men's size would be hugely baggy and would reach halfway down my thigh. Going by what the NFLUK shop says, I suppose UK sizes are a bit smaller, but they only seem to give the chest size.

I'm not the biggest person, I'm about 5'10, but I certainly didn't think I was that small either. scratch
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PostSubject: Re: Need help with jersey sizing   Fri Dec 03 2010, 21:59

Welcome to the forum,

Right sizing. You need to get the replica and premier jerseys in the same size as you would in other clothing, but if you get an authentic range jersey you need to go down a size. I wear a large replica or premier but wear a 48 or medium authentic.

Reebok do make a small, 46, if you are a medium, but they are rare.

Hope this helps.


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PostSubject: Re: Need help with jersey sizing   Sat Dec 04 2010, 16:50

I know what you mean as I found the same problem when I started collecting. I'm about 6'1" and slim(ish) build. My suit jackets are 38" and most of my casual tees are size M. I find the following sizes work for me, but a lot of it depends on how you like to wear your NFL jerseys. I like them to be fairly baggy, but not hanging off me:

"Modern" Reeboks (last 2 years):
Replicas: Small;
Premier: Small or Medium (I find premiers to be neater then the replicas so can get away with either size);
Authentic: 46.

I have an Adidas authentic (I think from circa early 2000s) which is a 48 and gives me the same fit as a Reebok 46 authentic. I believe that Reebok authentics are larger than previous manufacturers (e.g. Wilson, Adidas), but perhaps someone can correct me if I'm wrong?

Were you after any particular jerseys? I am about to sell a small replica Browns (Winslow - 80) and a small premier Pats (Brady - 12) if you're interested in either of those? The Browns jersey is brand new (though I removed the tags) - never worn. The Pats jersey has been worn a few times but has no damage / signs of use.

As I've found (and Billsfan mentioned, above) you tend not to get too many reebok authentics in size 46, but you do see them now and again. I have 2 Chargers authentics - Tomlinson and Cromartie.
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PostSubject: Re: Need help with jersey sizing   Sun Dec 05 2010, 22:25

That's a big help, cheers. No thanks, I don't think I'll be getting any jerseys until the new year now with it being Christmas and all. But yeah, thanks for the help, nice to have that cleared up. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Need help with jersey sizing   

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Need help with jersey sizing
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