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PostSubject: JERSEY CARE   Thu Dec 09 2010, 00:23

Hello everybody. I'm sure jerseyheads encounter a couple of jersey care issues once in a while. Well I have a throwbacks premier jersey and somehow I got two wrinkles on the same number. One on top of the 2 and one on the lower part. How do you guys get rid of the wrinkles on your jerseys ?? How do you guys wash your jerseys so that they could have a long last??
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PostSubject: Re: JERSEY CARE   Sat Jan 01 2011, 11:29

Sorry for not replying sooner, missed your post somehow.

To get rid of wrinkles I use a damp clean cloth and use a steam iron. Place the cloth over the wrinkle and give it a good steam, while applying firm pressure..

My jerseys go in the normal wash, inside out is best. I rarely iron them as they come out fine, but if I do then iron inside out as this protects any screen print details.

Hope this helps.


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PostSubject: Re: JERSEY CARE   Sat Jan 01 2011, 23:33

Billsfan is head-on. An iron set on "Nylon or Polyester", but NO HIGHER!
FYI though: DO NOT dry-clean!!! No
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PostSubject: Re: JERSEY CARE   

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