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 Links to AUTHENTIC Mitchell & Ness; additional info

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PostSubject: Links to AUTHENTIC Mitchell & Ness; additional info   Sun Jan 02 2011, 01:06

I've noticed that most counterfeiters sew the logo, name & numbers of a jersey that's supposed to be screenprinted. Most throwback jerseys ARE NOT sewn. If its sewn and supposed to be that way during that particular time range, just make sure the name and numbers aren't shiney...tackle twill DOES NOT HAVE HIGH SHINE! M & N does not put a past company issued logo name like: Starter, Puma, Reebok, etc. The ONLY throwback jersey that'll have a logo by Starter, Puma, etc would be issued by that company itself, and would obviously NOT have a Mitchell & Ness tag. If you can find an old jersey by Champion, Starter, or Puma then you've found a TRUE AUTHENTIC throwback jersey! And yes, they do exist considering I've found some on ebay a number of times. One seller that I can think of at the moment is invtgwetrust. Arrow (I'VE POSTED A NEW THREAD CONTAINING ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC(S) FROM STARTER, WILSON, CHAMPION & PUMA) -

I've provided some VERY HELPFUL links to AUTHENTIC/FAKE Mitchell & Ness jerseys below from ebay seller "PROJERSEYS." I've dealt w/ him personally, and he has the best of the best hands down:

*COWBOYS TONY DORSETT MITCHELL & NESS MISTAKE $89 USD(This jersey was sewn when it should've been screenprinted):
*LIONS BARRY SANDERS ORIGINAL 1996 REEBOK $349 USD:This is an original throwback jersey that can not be made again. The official reebok tags reads "1996 reebok international". This jersey is 14 years old and it's brand new never worn in gem mint 10 condition!:
This example is from another trusted ebayer lv_sports_apparel:
*RAIDERS TIM BROWN '94 MITCHELL & NESS $250 on sale $149 USD:
*DOLPHINS DAN MARINO~EXAMPLE OF A FAKE MITCHELL & NESS (It's a nice jersey, but unlike this one an AUTHENTIC is BIG in the sleeves for "shoulder-pad" room...this one is built slim; it also has the NFL shield on the collar where a TRUE M&N does NOT):
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Links to AUTHENTIC Mitchell & Ness; additional info
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