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 Superbowl XLV what ya think?

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PostSubject: Superbowl XLV what ya think?   Mon Feb 07 2011, 14:08

Another great game. Kudos to the Packers, Driver, Woodson, Shields and Collins all leaving the game before halftime. I thought that the Pack were going to be in real trouble in the second half.

Other notables for me were the 850 fans who paid for seats that, apparently due to the unexpected snow storms in North Texas, the fire marshal's were unable to sign off on extra seating put in to try and beat the 1980 record SB attendance of 103,900. Needless to say they didn't beat the record falling short some 700 short. Some fans were taken to a bar, after spending thousands of dollars getting to the game.

I also noted that Christina Aguilera, had a moment and forgot the words to the star spangled banner and I'm a bit worried about Fergie, was that her mother on the stage? Just how old is she? There seemed to be a whole lot of botox going on there and I didn't really enjoy her shouting either.

But the game made up for it, I love the superbowl, but it's always tinged with sadness as I know it's the last game of the season and my Sunday evenings are not going to the be the same. Roll on the 2011 season.

Come on NFL sort out this embarrassing CBA issue!!!!


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PostSubject: Re: Superbowl XLV what ya think?   Mon Feb 07 2011, 15:10

Fergie was a meth addict, that's why her face looks so busted. The fans that couldn't get seats were refunded triple the price of their $800 tickets. Not a bad deal if you ask me!
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PostSubject: Re: Superbowl XLV what ya think?   Mon Feb 07 2011, 16:56

Besides the Halftime show, it was a great game!
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PostSubject: Re: Superbowl XLV what ya think?   Mon Feb 07 2011, 17:54

Slash was awesome, as always!

Steelers O-line played very very well, it was the "skilled" players who let them down!

BJ Raji is a god

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PostSubject: Re: Superbowl XLV what ya think?   

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Superbowl XLV what ya think?
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