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 Where to Buy Size 46 Authentics

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PostSubject: Where to Buy Size 46 Authentics   Tue Feb 22 2011, 00:59

I know these are pretty hard to find, but does anyone know of anywhere that sells them? I've only managed to see a couple on eBay that look genuine but none are what I'm looking for.

Looking for a size 46 aauthentic Ravens jersey (in white preferably); and if not a size 48 might just have to do! Being about 5'8" and 150lbs maybe a 48 won't be so bad?
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PostSubject: Re: Where to Buy Size 46 Authentics   Wed Feb 23 2011, 06:25

Hey there Owen...trying to buy a TRUE AUTHENTIC (especially a sz 46) right now is going to be VERY difficult considering the season is over with. As you already know size 46's are extremely rare...even the MOST CONNECTED sellers have issues finding them sometimes, but it's NOT impossible. You seem to be about the same height & size as me...I'm just a lil heavier, so I'm about 99% positive that a 48 will fit you just fine! It's all up to you, BUT if you do insist on a size 46 then your best bet would be to wait until the upcoming 2011-12 season when jerseys will be more abundant.
BTW...if you'd like I'll see if I can contact Gregg @ PROJERSEYS to see if he'll respond to ME about a size 46 for you. Just lemme know!
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Where to Buy Size 46 Authentics
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