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 Seen A Few At A Card Shop Today...

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PostSubject: Seen A Few At A Card Shop Today...   Thu Aug 04 2011, 21:23

Now that I know what to look for on fake Reebok jerseys, I went into a card/memorabilia shop that I haven't been in, in about a year.

He had a rack with about 12 NFL jerseys hanging up, all signed. Most were fakes, and the one SWEET looking one, a Tony Romo Pro Bowl
jersey, fake as HELL. Especially the jock tag, looked like this:

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PostSubject: Re: Seen A Few At A Card Shop Today...   Thu Aug 04 2011, 23:54

You know athletes will sign just about anything, does make me mad though when they sign fake jerseys as it gives the damn thing some value.

Classic fake jock tag NFL logo. Look for the squashed ball!


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Seen A Few At A Card Shop Today...
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