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 Aaron Rodger third jersey?

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PostSubject: Aaron Rodger third jersey?   Sun Sep 25 2011, 10:34

Hello I bought this jersey off of ebay from a seller who didn't sell many other jerseys and this was the only size they had so I didn't suspect it to be a fake. I still haven't recieved it but the return window was only 3 days so I wanted to have a good idea if I'm going to keep it or send it back when it gets here if you guys could take a look at the pics that were included in the listing and tell me what you think. THANKS!!!

From these pictures there really isn't anything that I can see that raises a red flag, except the numbers may seem a little shiny, and bubbly, but I haven't seen many other of these packers third jerseys...
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Hall of famer

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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Rodger third jersey?   Sun Sep 25 2011, 12:57

Welcome to the forum.

That's definitely fake I'm afraid, for a number of reason;

Name cut poorly;
Number on the front shiny;
The jock tag is incorrect;
The NFL Equipment shield logo on the collar is incorrect; and
The price tag is never attached to the size label with a loop - it should always be through the label itself.

Sorry for the bad news!
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Rodger third jersey?   Sun Sep 25 2011, 13:42

Sadly RJ is correct, a definite fake.

If this helps have a look at this auction for a clearer image of what the jersey should be like. 320714151845

Was going to buy this jersey myself, just slipped my mind and now it's gone! D'oh!!
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Rodger third jersey?   Mon Sep 26 2011, 02:08

Yep, I agree. It is fake, thankfully you can return it.
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Rodger third jersey?   Mon Sep 26 2011, 07:57

Oh wow, yeah the tag should be through the wash tag, good call.
The listing also said that there are some minor imperfections to it, and in the past I've read that when sellers post that they may have an actual authentic they got from the manufacturer for a lot less than retai, because of the manufacturing flawsl. Now I can see comparing it to the GJ jersey how bush league the letters are, I'll probably be sending it back, I was hoping to have some nice threads for a trip to lambeau next month, oh well
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Rodger third jersey?   

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Aaron Rodger third jersey?
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