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 I have no clue on this one

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PostSubject: I have no clue on this one   Wed Oct 12 2011, 23:29


Okay, so here is my confusion on this one. The jersey appears to be well made, cut well, and doesn't scream out "FAKE", but as far as I know, the NFL has not produced any of the orange alternate Browns jerseys since about 2006. Long before Hillis played for us. So how would there be a jersey of him. If its fake, its the best orange ALT fake I've seen. Most of the fake orange jerseys give the jersey just an outline, as opposed to a shadow like the real thing. If you dont know what I mean, heres pics.


Real (Replica pic, I know, you get the idea.):

I'm stumped.
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PostSubject: Re: I have no clue on this one   Thu Oct 13 2011, 00:30

I actually think it's genuine. I know of the seller, and he is regarded as selling authentics. However, he's also known as being particularly unpleasant to deal with. If you ask to see closer pictures, there's a reasonable chance he'll be pretty ratty about it.

I know he's seriously unpopular on other forums, and has upset a lot of people with shady re-tagging practices:

I'm no expert on Browns jerseys, but I'd guess it is a blank that's been customized if the orange jerseys were pre-Hillis. The numbering etc looks good, so I'm sure it's been done professionally.

I'll leave it up to you anyway. This guy has a jersey I was (still am) interested in, but I was majorly put off by other people's reports.
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Hall of famer

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PostSubject: Re: I have no clue on this one   Thu Oct 13 2011, 04:22

Sofasurfer customizes his own jerseys.... but doesn't seems know much about them.

He sold me an Andre Tippett jersey with sewn numbers (which the Pats didn't wear until 1994). I also saw some '93 Marlins jerseys with '97 players on them. His jerseys use authentic materials, but they're anachronistic.
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PostSubject: Re: I have no clue on this one   Thu Oct 13 2011, 06:24

It's a definate custom job, even down to a newer jocktag. The jersey itself is genuine though.


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PostSubject: Re: I have no clue on this one   

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I have no clue on this one
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