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 Preseason games

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PostSubject: Preseason games   Mon Aug 04 2008, 13:10

Redkins V Colts

A good game for a preseason. I was impressed with Dominic Rhodes, must be difficult going back to a team you left, but all the Colts running backs performed well.

I think Jim Zorn has injected some new thinking into the Skins and trust a former QB to put more passing play's in. Campbell looked good and Brennan was outstanding, really accurate. On the Colts side, Sorgi looked ok, Gray looked good on the run but a bit wobbly in the pocket and that 300lb lineman they got to hold of the last quarter, Lorenzen, well he didn't impress me at all when he was a Giant. I saw him slide short of a first down last year, when he was being approached by a CB who was under half his weight, he could have made the 1st easily. He was pretty bad to begin with but picked it up at the end and would have had a TD had the reciever held on.

I think the Skins could have a very good year this year.


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PostSubject: Re: Preseason games   Mon Aug 04 2008, 14:09

it should not be to hard for rhodes because he has only been out of the colts system for a year so he does not have a lot to learn unlike he did a year ago with the raiders.i honestly think colt brennen will suprise a few people and be a much better qb than he is expected to for jared lorenzen he should stick to what he is good at which is lying on the sofa eating cheeseburgers.
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PostSubject: Re: Preseason games   Mon Aug 04 2008, 20:39

Right well as a skins fan time to add my thoughts,

Overall i thought it was a very good preseason game compared to usual standards.

From the skins prespective i was pleased with the way Brennan came in and threw the ball some of the throws he made were superb especially the bullet across the middle and with Mason's running.

I thought Zorns new passing scheme worked well and the clip Sky showed of JC after he was done showed he was exploding from the snap and getting the ball out quickly.

On a negative side the O-Line looked a little shaky in pass protection but i'm confident that will improve as the pre-season continues.

As for the Colts, only rhodes impressed me. Gray did a good job of keeping a few plays alive with his legs .

Overall a very solid and promising start for us
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PostSubject: Re: Preseason games   

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Preseason games
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