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 How much would this jersey be worth?

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PostSubject: How much would this jersey be worth?   Wed Dec 21 2011, 23:58

So earlier today I picked up a Barry Sanders replica Starter jersey at a local Goodwill. I was wondering what the value of it would be because I don't own many older jerseys like this. I realize it's not gonna be worth a fortune, and I'm really only asking for curiosity's sake because I like wearing old vintage clothes and what not. I don't really feel the need to take pictures of my actual jersey but it looks pretty much exactly like this.

^(the number font in the second picture is wrong, but mine has the correct font)

I can tell you that it's in remarkable condition. The iron on numbers are prestine with no wear at all, and the blue of the jersey isn't faded what so ever. It looks brand new. For 8 bucks I thought I'd take a shot on it. Not a bad trip. So any thoughts?
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PostSubject: Re: How much would this jersey be worth?   Thu Dec 22 2011, 00:02

As a replica it's probably worth $15-20.


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How much would this jersey be worth?
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