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 Another one is born...

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PostSubject: Another one is born...   Thu Jan 19 2012, 20:42

Hello Folks,

First off, awesome website for such a unique yet widespread issue. I'll start by admitting guilt in the sense that I "thought" I could land a Authentic Reebox Rob Gronkowski Throwback jersey via eBay for $80. Prior to purchasing a part of me said, seriously?? Then again, the other side said well I have landed alot of really good deals on eBay on actual genuine stuff. That said, and with a AFC game approaching, I hit buy it now. The Seller had a 100% rating and "eBay Buyer Protection"... what could go wrong??

First off, the moment I opened the package, there was an overwhelming smell of either gas or oil. Seeing that it was sent in a USPS Priority Mail envelope, I figured it may of been stuffed in the well of either the truck or plane and got some backwash of fumes.

I then looked over some of the stitching and noticed a bit of fraying and things just didn't seem right, including but not limited to the Reebok tag. Googled around, found this site, and here I am. I reviewed the threads regarding what to look for and I think at this point I'm confident that the jersey I got was a decently made counterfeit.

Here are the pictures...

First off, the burnt edges to the NFL logo... No

Fake NFL hologram, different size tag?

Fraying of the stitching

Sloppy vector

Do they make them in Vietnam?

The NFLPA player head cut off?

To the uneducated eye, this isn't a half bad jersey but it's still not the real thing! I've opened a case with eBay, we'll see how it goes.


Feel free to use any of the above photos to help others avoid/spot this stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Another one is born...   Thu Jan 19 2012, 21:13

Welcome Sully, it's Reeboks fault for not keeping up with the demand. You'd think that a business in this day and age would do everything it could to meet the trends that the counterfeiters seem to be able to fill almost straight away.


NJFP Merchandise available at
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PostSubject: Re: Another one is born...   Thu Jan 19 2012, 21:25

Hi Sully,

Luckily, I haven't been burned with a fake jersey, but I understand the smell you described can be a common feature with them. You obviously figured out all of the reasons it is fake yourself, and hopefully you get the refund.

I tend to ignore a sellers feedback in terms of determining whether they're legit or not for 2 reasons:

1) Most people are not able to distinguish fakes from authentics; and
2) Many people are content to pay $50 for a "good fake", rather than meet Reebok's retail RRP.

Yes, you can get good deals on eBay, but the abundance of fakes makes it a bit of a mine field.

In terms of country of origin, yes - Reebok have been making their recent jerseys in Vietnam, as well as Korea. "Made in China" is typically a red flag for Reeboks.
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PostSubject: Re: Another one is born...   

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Another one is born...
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