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 Is my Justin Tuck replica jersey fake?

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PostSubject: Is my Justin Tuck replica jersey fake?   Mon Feb 06 2012, 05:51

After just watching my New York Giants win the Super Bowl, I checked some of my jerseys to see if they are real. Unfortunately, some were not. Although I know that replica jerseys are not faked, the "NFL Players" text on the tag of this jersey does not have a space. I got this jersey as I gift and I don't know where or for how much money it was purchased. Thank you in advance. For some reason I think the numbers may be printed slightly off center as well but I'm not sure if I'm just trying to find things that are wrong with this jersey.

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PostSubject: Re: Is my Justin Tuck replica jersey fake?   Mon Feb 06 2012, 10:42

Your jersey is fine, still haven't seen a fake replica.


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Is my Justin Tuck replica jersey fake?
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