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 Nike Elite vs REAL On Field Jerseys

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PostSubject: Nike Elite vs REAL On Field Jerseys   Tue Aug 21 2012, 01:16

I have the Broncos Elite Nike Jersey bought straight from, and was comparing it to the ACTUAL jerseys players wear on the field. I knew my jersey wouldn't be an exact replica of what they wear on the field, but there were quite a few differences. While at the Broncos Team Store at Mile High Stadium I was able to study a real on-field Broncos jersey. Here is what I found. I am thinking of going back to get detailed pics...

On the back:
There is an extra fabric line below the number on the back of the jersey. Below my number on the back is just the mesh material. This jersey shows an extra fabric sewn in.

On The Front:
First, here is the real thing:

NUMBERS: The numbers on the front go below the water proof fabric on the front. Plus, when I was able to inspect the real on-field jersey I noticed how THIN the real letters are. They are almost paper thin, much more flexible, but also nicely stitched and attached. When you look carefully at the real on-field jersey Manning is wearing you can see how thin the numbers are against the stitching when it crosses over the bottom of the number. My jersey's numbers stop well above that line. The stitching was also totally different. There were many more stitches on my Elite jersey, but the stitches looked very different. The stitches on the "on field" jersey looked more like "x" marks.
Here is my elite jersey (on the left):

NECK LINE: The neck area on the on-field jersey is much longer, plus its clear they modified the QB jersey to allow him a more fluid motion on the throwing arm. Its totally different if you look carefully.
Here is my Jersey (again on the left):

TAGS: I was able to check out the neck tag as well, it looks like my elite but it says "2012" down the side. I thought that was cool. There was no jock tag surprisingly.

FINAL THOUGHTS: All the materials and fabric were exactly the same (besides the numbers). Obviously the "cut" of the jersey was a lot different and "tapered" to be more form fitting to an elite athlete. I also noticed later in the game that the larger players had these "notches" dug out of the back. There were several players I noticed this on:
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PostSubject: Re: Nike Elite vs REAL On Field Jerseys   Tue Aug 21 2012, 03:21

Yeah, I know what you mean. There is always gonna' be a difference between "authentics" sold by NFL or pro-shops and on-field game jerseys. I was shocked to learn that the Reeboks on-field jerseys had one single layer of fabric in the shoulders, while the authentic jerseys had 2 layers of fabric in the shoulders. I always figured the on-field jerseys would also have 2 layers to protect from rubbing from the shoulder pads, and all of the hits that they take in that area.

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PostSubject: Re: Nike Elite vs REAL On Field Jerseys   Tue Aug 21 2012, 09:41

That's a nice piece of work there my friend. As Slimm says there are always going to be differences as most fans are not going to put their jerseys through the same punishment as the pro's.


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PostSubject: Re: Nike Elite vs REAL On Field Jerseys   

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Nike Elite vs REAL On Field Jerseys
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