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 Fake Nike Limiteds

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PostSubject: Fake Nike Limiteds   Sun Nov 04 2012, 07:44

Watch out. It seems the limited versions are being faked.
I almost bought this one 251177423355 But after looking closer, something about the red NFLPA logo on the collar tag didn't look right. Also there was no fly wire.
There is also this one 251178049703 from the same seller. This one is more obvious.
Not sure if it's only this seller, or if there are going to be more.
Wanted to share this with you all. Not sure if I put this in right thread.
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PostSubject: Re: Fake Nike Limiteds   Sun Nov 04 2012, 17:07

They are faking all 3 versions of the Nike jerseys
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Fake Nike Limiteds
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