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 RG111's jersey outsells all others.

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PostSubject: RG111's jersey outsells all others.   Tue Dec 18 2012, 12:03

Darren Rovell of reports that the league has sold more No. 10 Redskins jerseys this year than they have sold of any other player in a single year. While theyíve only been keeping the records for six years and donít release exact sales figures, itís a pretty good indication of how popular Griffin has become in and out of Washington in a short period of time.

With two weeks left in the year, that would be an impressive number of jerseys. The NFL fiscal year runs through March 31st, though, so Griffinís got a lot of time left to pad his lead. Peyton Manningís Broncos jersey is the fourth best-selling single season jersey, which makes this a very good year for the NFLís merchandising arm.

Itís not just RGIII jerseys that are selling well. Rovell also reports that a line of socks that Adidas produces for the quarterback has sold out. The socks retail for $20 a pair, a nice chunk of change for a gift that usually elicits a groan when the wrapping is removed.

The previous record holder for single-season jersey sales was Brett Favre in 2009 with the Vikings. He broke the record set by Brett Favre in 2008 with the Jets. Weíre fairly certain he wonít be returning to take another shot at the crown.


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PostSubject: Re: RG111's jersey outsells all others.   Wed Dec 19 2012, 20:46

Thats really impressive for a rookie, unfortunately the Giants have to see him twice a year, so I'm not looking forward to that.
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Hall of famer

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PostSubject: Re: RG111's jersey outsells all others.   Wed Dec 19 2012, 21:39

Year of the rookie QB's! True test comes next season......consistency.
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PostSubject: Re: RG111's jersey outsells all others.   Wed Dec 19 2012, 22:45

RGIII has been outstanding and looks to be incredibly gifted...entertaining too. I like his style and hope he achieves his outstanding potential. His style of play may leave him open to injuries though...lets hope not. I would love to have an RGIII jersey...especially one of those throwbacks with the indian logo on the sleeves...
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PostSubject: Re: RG111's jersey outsells all others.   

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RG111's jersey outsells all others.
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