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 Pics of Real and Fake M&N Jerseys?

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Hall of famer

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PostSubject: Pics of Real and Fake M&N Jerseys?   Mon Sep 15 2014, 15:26

Got into a HEATED debate with some asshat on FB about a Bruce Snith jersey I was selling. 1994 M&N Throwback, that he was calling FAKE because they were "screened numbers" and not stitched. When telling him they were HEAT PRESSED and not "screened", and that it's a 1994 "Throwback" and that was the style then, he got even more stupid. So, I was searching here for what I thought I have seen before, are pics showing what a real M&N looks like, especially the jocktag, and examples of fakes.

Simon, you have anything??? Smile
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Hall of famer

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PostSubject: Re: Pics of Real and Fake M&N Jerseys?   Mon Sep 15 2014, 16:42

I have some pictures of my own M&N jerseys (which are all legit) here:

There are some decent close-ups of the Nickerson (which has heat pressed numbers.) It was bought from the M&N site during a black friday sale a couple of years ago.

Sounds like the guy is confused a bit. If the Smith did have stitched numbers, it would be a clear sign that it's fake because that is not the style the Bills wore in 94.

I do have pics of my Smith there too, which will presumably match-up to what you have. I got it from a clearance store in the U.S. (think it was Marshall's or something.)

If you want examples of fakes, eBay is never shy of a few: 271605277809 221544755221 151410475955
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Pics of Real and Fake M&N Jerseys?
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