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 Question regarding Nike Game jersey customization

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PostSubject: Question regarding Nike Game jersey customization   Wed Jun 24 2015, 21:55

I've posted a few questions on here and everyone has been extremely helpful, so I'm hoping to get an answer to my current question and I hope what I'm about to ask isn't confusing.

Anyway, I have a question regarding the customization of Nike Game jerseys.  Basically, I'm wanting to know if the lettering/numbering/fonts/etc. on a Nike Game jersey, whether it's a jersey sold in a retail store or a team's official store, or online on NFLShop/ of the team's official online stores that is already made up with a specific player's name and number (the ones sold for $99.95) or it's a customized jersey that you have to purchase off of NFLShop or a team's official online store that can be customized with any name and number of your choice (usually priced at 149.95 and purchased if you're looking for a lesser-name player not available for $99.95 OR want to put your own name and number on the jersey instead) matches the same lettering/numbering/fonts as each NFL team's team customizer uses when preparing the game-worn jersey the player wears on the field.

For example, if it's hard to understand what I mean, in NHL hockey with the current Reebok jerseys, each team has an official customizer that uses the team's official lettering/numbering/fonts on the team's on-ice jerseys.  Say you're a collector and have a blank Reebok jersey that you'd like to get customized with a name and number to match the customization the team actually uses, you'd want to find out who the team's customizer is to match the player and season you're looking for and send it to them to do the job for you.  Other companies also offer customization on NHL jerseys and they sell official products, yet their customization doesn't necessarily completely match the on-ice product, which isn't ideal for collectors.

Now I know the Game jerseys aren't the Elites.  They aren't going to be exactly like the on-field NFL jerseys because the ones that are closest would be the Elites and the Game jersey's materials aren't the same as the Elite's and the Game jerseys are screen-printed, whereas the Elites actually have fabrics, twill, etc.  But as far as the lettering/numbering/fonts go on the Game jerseys, either the ones already made up for $99.95 or the customized ones for $149.95, do they match the lettering/numbering/fonts of the game-worn, on-field ones used by the team?  I imagine all of these jerseys are shipped by Nike to the retailers, NFLShop, and the team's stores and they're all the same and use the same customization as the teams do, but I'm not entirely sure.  I'm also assuming the same goes for the custom ones, although it'd be nice to know where they send the screen-printed Game ones to be customized and if they too all use the same lettering/numbering/fonts as the ones already manufactured.

Sorry for such a long and repetitive post but I hope everyone knows what I'm asking and if anyone has any answers they can give me on all of this that would be fantastic.  I have a collection of Nike Game jerseys (I know, the Elites are nicer and closest to a game-worn and I do have a few but the Game ones are what everyone wears and are much more affordable and Nike's replicas are so much better than Reebok's old ones) that I've purchased from retail stores like Laux, official team stores (I live in Buffalo so I've bought a few from the Bills' shop at Ralph Wilson Stadium), as well as a ton off of NFLShop and a few off of and a couple teams' official online stores and I want to make sure the lettering/numbering/fonts of the screen-print Game ones I've purchased from these places match the game-worn, on-field lettering/numbering/fonts so they're 100% accurate as a Game jersey can be to game-worn, on-field ones the players wear during a game minus the stitching, different material, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Question regarding Nike Game jersey customization   Sun Jun 28 2015, 00:09

The numbers and letters are the same font as the game used jerseys for each team on a Nike game jersey. As for customising, again they use the same fonts to do this but the extra cost comes from the fact that these are one offs, which cost more to produce than setting the machine to run off a hundred Peyton Manning jerseys.

The NFL clamped down on aftermarket customisation a few years ago, but there are places out there where you can buy number kits to replace the player whose moved on Jersey you have in the wardrobe.


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Question regarding Nike Game jersey customization
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