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 Braylon Edwards Game Reebok Jersey

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PostSubject: Braylon Edwards Game Reebok Jersey   Tue May 31 2016, 22:34

Hi guys, I recently came into possession of an item that at first glance looked like a pretty legit Reebok Game jersey. However later on I learned that Edwards was actually drafted in 2005 and it seems that the jersey is dated as season 04.

As I am far from an expert in that matter I made a few photos for your consideration. What you think about that jersey? Is it just a cheap fake or more like an authentic Reebok jersey or a custom Reebok jersey?

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PostSubject: Re: Braylon Edwards Game Reebok Jersey   Wed Jun 01 2016, 10:23

Welcome, its entirely possible that the equipment room used a year old blank for Edwards, they will just pick one up and not bother about the year tag. The other possibility is that the jersey has been customised after being bought as a blank. In any case the jersey is a genuine gamer.


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Braylon Edwards Game Reebok Jersey
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