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 Why is my (custom elite) not water resistant?

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PostSubject: Why is my (custom elite) not water resistant?   Mon Jun 26 2017, 18:35

So the NFL shop was out of my size for a Marcus mariota elite so I went ahead and got a custom one but there are a few differences and I'd like your take on it FYI this jersey isn't fake it was ordered from the NFL shop.
Another thing I noticed was the stitching is different from my pre made elite.

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PostSubject: Re: Why is my (custom elite) not water resistant?   Wed Jun 28 2017, 08:45

I believe that the water resistance is just a gimmick to be honest. My elites have all been less than impressive at repelling water and I haven't really put much stock in that feature. Nike supply blank jerseys which will sit around waiting for that custom order. Then the seamstress will collect the twill and and apply it. In the factory the twill is applied by machine. I think like any coating the water repellant wears down over time and becomes less noticeable and it wouldn't surprise me if they have actually stopped doing it anyway.

Jersey look great though.


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Why is my (custom elite) not water resistant?
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