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 Opinions on the new Titans Jerseys?

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Titans fan

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PostSubject: Opinions on the new Titans Jerseys?   Thu May 17 2018, 17:11

Iím thinking about picking up an elite variation when they release the jerseys have already been announced.
What do you think about them are they nice? Or has there been too much done?
Personally the jerseys to me remind me of the patriots I donít know why thereís just something about them.
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PostSubject: Re: Opinions on the new Titans Jerseys?   Thu May 17 2018, 23:29

Iím sure they will grow on me but Iím not too fond of them to be honest, I think the grey on the shoulders is a little dull and doesnít really go with the white or light blue jerseys. Itís ok on the dark blue. I know what you mean about the Patriots.


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Opinions on the new Titans Jerseys?
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