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 NFL Jerseys in Europe

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PostSubject: NFL Jerseys in Europe   Tue Jan 15 2008, 19:25

****Moved from Post you ebay item here****

I have order my jersey form N-Fluke.

Can't wait.

Just a bit off topic to the heading as I couldn't find a place to do.

If the NFL want to promote the game in Europe why do they make it so hard to get jerseys.

The NFLUK/Reebok UK don't sell them or any other websites like that i.e. Kitbag etc.

Sky is great for there 5 games on a Sunday and Monday night and other programs but if people want to get their teams jersey is hard if nobody sells them.

As some people are reluctant to buy from ebay.

I would like to hear other peoples opinion.

Sorry again for the place I have put the thread as its not for this heading. Feel free to move.
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PostSubject: Re: NFL Jerseys in Europe   Wed Jan 16 2008, 12:41

Good question. I believe that the game at Wembley would have opened the eyes of the NFL merchandising dept and Reebok to the huge numbers of fans not only in the UK but Europe as a whole. This will have the desired effect and we will see the range of jerseys and availability expand.

There are quite a few internet based companies within the UK which sell Reebok replica jerseys. Reebok UK haven't been importing the premier or authentic as they haven't felt that the support for the sport was there.

It has the same feel as the late 80's and early 90's now as more and more people get into the sport and, as you point out, the TV coverage has helped enormously. With BBC1 showing the Superbowl to a national audience ( if they stay up that is ) we could see the sport in the UK expanding even faster.

Will you post a picture of your jersey from N-Fluke when you get it in the latest pickup forum?


NJFP Merchandise available at
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PostSubject: Re: NFL Jerseys in Europe   Wed Jan 16 2008, 12:59

I will indeed when it arrives.

I will post up my Montana jersey later when I get home.

A friend of mine is looking for a Peterson jersey but Reebok UK only supply Williamson.

Its very poor.
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PostSubject: Re: NFL Jerseys in Europe   

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NFL Jerseys in Europe
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