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 Old players name on current jersey

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PostSubject: Old players name on current jersey   Sat Jan 19 2008, 18:42

Why can't you get the old teams players on the current jersey.

I would like to get Montana, Rice etc on the current jerseys instead of throwbacks as I like the current jersey more than throwbacks.

Why is this?

I say my next one will be Gore.

How lose should the jersey be?
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PostSubject: Re: Old players name on current jersey   Fri Feb 01 2008, 00:46

You can get customised jerseys but there are rules to who you can have and so forth. I do have a contact who will customise a blank jersey to anything you like. I think it has something to do with the NFL. Montana, for example, didn't wear the current style jersey and purists wouldn't buy a current jersey with his name on as it has to be the right jersey.
I think we should be able to have what we want, within reason. If that's what you want then it can be done, but like everything it costs money.

A jersey should be as loose as you are comfortable with. Everyone has their own preferences, go with what is comfortable for you.


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PostSubject: Re: Old players name on current jersey   Mon Feb 25 2008, 19:04

The rules are that you cant order a jersey with the name and number of a player who retired from that team. For example you could order an Art Monk Redskins jersey but not a Joe Theismann one (as Art moved on to the Jets and then the Eagles but Theismann retired from the Skins).

Therefore you could order a Joe Montana Niners authentic from the league but as Bills Fan quite rightly states he never wore the Niners jersey with the shadow numbers etc (a huge step backwards uni wise IMO) and it would look just plain wrong (especially as you would be spending 2 to 300 bucks on it).
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PostSubject: Re: Old players name on current jersey   

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Old players name on current jersey
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