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 The 'Up to now' review

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PostSubject: The 'Up to now' review   Mon Sep 21 2009, 20:54

I decided not to post anything until the 2nd week as who knows how a team is until it's got at least two in the bag.

We've had some quality games over the two weeks. For me the Bills finding more inventive ways of losing Monday night games by one point had me purple with rage yet again Mad .

Lets look at each division.

AFC East.

Sanchez seems to be the real #1 pick of the draft, trash talking Jets 2-0 and with a win over the Pats, 1st since 2000.

Brady's back and spending a lot more time on it as D's are pressuring him, not sure if he still trusts that knee yet. Nice to see them lose and i think their D will miss Richard Seymour a lot more than they thought. Belichik may have made his 1st mistake for a long time there.

Miami, drop the wildcat, not working anymore. Still waiting for their second game, but they could well be 0-2 by the morning.

T.O. dropped an easy Trent Edwards pass for the Bills. A shaky preseason and the firing of Turk Schonert seems to have solidified the team. Beating the Pats until a poor decision by Mckelvin lost them the game. A solid performance against the ailing Bucs saw the D performing well against the run, but as always injuries have taken there toll. Another 4 players out and the high scoring Saints next week.

AFC North

Joe Flacco seems to be building on last years success and both the offense and defense are looking good too.

The Bengals lost on a heartbreaker last week too, but shocked the Pack this week. Could be one to watch.

Cleveland Brown... oh dear. Quinn finally gets the start, but perhaps he should have started all last year which would have given him some sorely needed experience.

The Steelers looked ok last week but a loss to the Bears will shake some.

AFC South

Matt Schaub looked like a starting QB this week with a good win over the Titans. Can't see them going to the SB though.

The Titans 0-2 !!! Tipped by many as a SB contender, this is not the way to start the season at all.

Jack Del Rio could be looking for a new job if this carries on. The jags are just not good enough.

The Colts are favorite to beat the Phins tonight and go into week 3 with 2 wins.

AFC West

The weakest AFC division has the Broncos heading the standings which is a surprise as they didn't even seem to be on speaking terms with most of their players.

KC started without Matt Cassel last week, but he was back this week. Didn't make any difference though.

The Raiders look better than last season all ready, but they seem to have a offensive lineman in at QB. Boy is Russell big!

NFC East

The Giants and Cowboys is never a dull game and last nights was a corker. The Giants are looking V.strong, the Cowboys not so.

The Eagles are now without McNabb. Kolb did a good job but couldn't overcome the Saints. Vick is eligible to play next week. Can they overtake the Giants, I think not.

The Redskins Just managed to beat the hapless Rams with 3 Field goals. Where is all of Dans money going into? Zorn will be looking into the classifieds before the seasons end.

NFC North

Brett is back and the Vikes are 2-0 after a come back win against the lions. Can he go a whole season, probably another season like last year is on the cards there.

The Packers lost a harsh one to the Bengals but I like them better than the Vikings for the division.

The Bears are an unknown at this stage. Urlacher is out and Cutler has never impressed me.

The Lions took Stanford thinking he was the best choice. Sanchez has shown to be the better choice. Can they get a win?

NFC South

Matt Ryan is looking good and Mike Smiths Falcons are a contender, if it wasn't for the Saints.

Drew Brees is simply awesome, which doesn't bode well for my Bills next week. Shockey is healthy along with Colston. This could be the Saints year.

Delhomme is not looking worth his new contract, better this week but still a loss.

The Bucs are struggling and won't be a force this season.

NFC West

The niners are a surprise, even without their #1 pick Crabtree. Can they sustain it down the stretch?

The Seahawks were supposed to be the ones to watch, Hasselbeck took a shot to the back, which is his Achilles heel. if he stays out then can Seneca do the job?

Bad start for the Cards. Warner was looking back to form this week.

The Rams are looking like the Lions last years Lion but without the close losses. To lose a game of field goals is not a good sign.

Here's my predictions for the division champs

AFC East - N Y Jets

AFC North - Baltimore Ravens

AFC South - Indy Colts

AFC West - S D Chargers

NFC East - N Y Giants

NFC North - G B Packers

NFC South - N O Saints

NFC West - Arizona Cardinals

I'll look back In January and see how I do.



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PostSubject: Re: The 'Up to now' review   Wed Sep 23 2009, 10:06

dolphins go 0-2 for another season, wildcat plays were quite effective against the Colts but even holding the ball for 3/4 of the game they still managing to lose thanks to poor pass coverage and woefull tackling.
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PostSubject: Re: The 'Up to now' review   Wed Sep 23 2009, 21:19

whatever do you mean simon jamarcass isnt big he is colossal but he did get a winning drive in the final 2 minutes in KC.

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PostSubject: Re: The 'Up to now' review   

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The 'Up to now' review
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